Redacted Microsoft MVP Summit

0x05 Redacted Microsoft MVP Summit

Lots of great stuff from the Microsoft MVP Summit. You'll never guess that --------------------- did a ------- from --------------. It was -------, and then we learned that ------- was really going to ------- and you wouldn't believe the results. We -----------------------------------, and then were able to ---------------------. Then they told us that -------------------------------------------------, and ------------------------- ---------------------------------------------. Amazing, huh? Unfortunately, it's all under an NDA.

I will say that I had a great time sitting in on a few sessions with Gary Pretty and James Mann--a couple of great talents when it comes to chatbots. Lots of great things coming down the pipeline with SDK v4, so stay tuned.

This is a light email, since you already received one about a week ago. I'm trying to stick to every three weeks, so I'm pushing this one sooner to get back on my calendar schedule. As a result, Bill is absent from this one, since I've been bugging him a lot recently, and we're set to record two more podcast episodes this Wednesday. He'll return in the next email though, so fear not! --Michael Szul

The Python SDK!

One of things that's coming with SDK v4 is a Python SDK. This always felt like a missing SDK. I was surprised Microsoft didn't launch one sooner. In any event, I blogged about getting up-and-running, if you're interested.

Three Notch'd Brewing Company Blackberry Gose

Three Notch'd Brewing Company Blackberry Gose

5.0% ABV. If you know me, you know I'm a fan of sours and gose beer. This limited release is not as good as their cranberry gose--it lacks the punch, and it's a little too fizzy when you pop the top. It does have that blackberry flavor though, and is just tart enough to keep it in the gose family. More suited for a 70 degree day than the winter. --MS